J.P. Werner
                 This site is an overview of the work of James P. Werner, artist and educator.


The selected works exhibited here represent the variety of perspectives James Werner explores on the topic of new media engagements.

Student Work

New Media Arts: Studio practice

The following images are examples from the New Media Arts Studio class I taught in Spring 2013.

Emphysematous - By Patrice Parker
This student created a series of illustrations that showed her struggles through an illness and how she understood the memory of the experience.

4x36" digital print. Watercolor, Pen, Photoshop and Illustrator composition. 2013.

Ambiance: The Interactive Noise Recognition Site, by Jason Hartmann

Influenced by John Cage and Hermann Helmholtz, this piece is an interactive web page that records audience’s faces as they randomly create audio compositions paired with mismatched images. The piece examines unnoticed abmiant noises of daily life. Users choose images that play sounds that do not match the symbols. Sounds overlay eachother as they are clicked, creating compilations that last about 20 seconds. Faces are recorded and projected at a separate site with the sound compositions showing audiences responses.

Domineer - a bullying game, by Casey Graebner

A online game that uses instant messaging and game cards to examine tensions and actions, and repercussions of bullying.
Statement: My work explores the interactive participatory medium of games and how they can be used to provoke complex emotions and affect players in a profound way. Through the use of my game, participants engage in exploring social change in bullying culture. Influences include Brenda Braithwaite, Jane McGonigal, Jan Jagodzinski, alternate reality games, Nordic live-action roleplaying games, and serious games (click image to read more).

Aural Ascension, by Mathew Gruber

A series of mixed media digital images mounted with ipods. Audiences listen to various recordings while looking at the artist's visual interpretations.
Statement: Aural Ascension is a visual triptych that demonstrates the physiological and psychological effects that different genres of music can induce. This project combines the freezing ability of photography with the enrichment of digital manipulation to translate an internalized experience, visually. This self-study examines the personal relationships I have between vastly different genres of music, specifically: Electronic, Metal, and Hip Hop. I aimed to harmonize the artistry between musicianship and multimedia creation, with influences from artists such as Wassily Kandinsky and Viktor Koen.

A Green and Red Nation, by Tien Nguyen

Statement: My artwork focuses on data visualization. I use the raw data that I have collected and create visual representations of it. I hope with the representation of data as art, viewers will somehow connect emotionally to the vegan subject matter and its effects without having to spend time analyzing the data presented. This series includes the following artwork: Most Pig Farm, Most Pork Production, Most Cattle Farm, Most Beef Packing Operation, Most Water and Air Pollution, Most Green and Vegetarian Friendly. The inspirations behind this particular series of artwork came from Mark Lombardi’s Mind Mapping techniques, Denis Wood’s data mapping technique, and Jasper Johns’s US Map and US Flag artworks. These artists use the concepts of data visualization and the use of abstract art to convey a strong message.

Video Production Samples

These samples are short films made in my Film and Video Production course over the past four years. Students learned technical aspects of professional video filming and editing, as well as film theory and narrative composition. Students were required to show their ability to use filming techniques in genre specific narratives or art films:

Chroma (takes about 3-4 minutes to load in your browser...but worth the wait.)

The Enolas  (this is the trailer for a 16 minute film made for my Video Production class. It was entered into various film competitions.)

The Race

Moving (takes about 3 minutes to load in your browser.)

Graphic Design and Animation Design samples:

These are some print design samples from Foundations of Graphics and some flash animation samples from the 2D Animation Design class. The graphics class is an introduction to the Adobe CS programs for print design and was taught to Tech Comm (non-art) majors. 2D Animation projects focused on enhancing motion graphics to improve user experience for web design.

Drawing and Painting samples:

These are some examples from my Intro to Drawing class, which is open to all majors outside of media arts. The class focuses on traditional drawing techniques to expand on creative exploration and understand basic concepts of static composition design. The painting examples are from the first painting class at SPSU that I introuduced as part of the New Media Arts degree offerings. Students studied color theory and furthered their abilities with visual narratives using abstraction. Paintings are in oil, drawings in charcoal and pastel. All the originals are 18 x 24 inches.

"After the Crit" (oils)

composition study


narrative portrait


self portrait

Narrative portrait

Shadow and texture study

Narrative portrait

"Pregnancy" (series assignment)"

Light study

Abstract self portrait

Profile study

Motion study


Gestural study

Motion study series 

Motion study series  

Motion study series

Body Motion study series 

Foreshortening series