J.P. Werner
                 This site is an overview of the work of James P. Werner, artist and educator.


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Student Work - ART 470 New Media Art History

The following are Powerpoint presentations that students presented to the High Museum of Art executives in Winter 2015.

Assignment Description:

The group project proposal should re-activate the High Museum Collection by engaging viewers and prospective visitors in an interactive and engaging way – both onsite and offsite.

This was a two-sited project:

1. VIRTUAL: Considering digital-media, develop an interactive project that engages both gallery visitors and/or off-site public with the Permanent Collection of artwork at the High Museum .

2. SITE: Identify a space in AND/OR outside the gallery that could be used to install the interactive project (consider the spatial relationships thoroughly – lighting, foot traffic, structure, surfaces, acoustics, smell, and relationships between spaces etc.)

Group Project Title: The Artist's Eye

Group Project Title: High Fusion

Group Project Title: Competative Digital Gallery Space

Contact: jim@jimwerner.com