J.P. Werner
                 This site is an overview of the work of James P. Werner, artist and educator.


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Student Work - ART 484

The following animated websites were produced as animation design projects in ART 484

Assignment Description: The Introduction Animation (or splash animation): It should be upgraded and different (somewhat or completely) from the previous assignment. It should…
  • Include a moving object(s).
  • Clickable area
  • Have a beginning, middle and end. Use varied velocities of motion.

The Webpage Homepage should:

  • Have a menu structure that drops or opens in some manner.
  • Use sound integrated into one or more interactive element somehow.
  • Include coded animation of your choosing somewhere in the content (parallax, greensock library, or other js code)
  • Include two types of interactivity beyond the menu, e.g…
    Roll over images, Clickable animations that respond with a unique reaction.

The Second Page: this page should be reachable from the home page by clicking somehow.

  • This second page should contain a similar menu structure, with slight variation for design unity and variety.
  • The rest of the page should also complement, but vary in structure to the homepage design.

Other Elements and parameters for the site design, on either page.

  • Video or Map, activated by the user.
  • It needs to be constructed in html5.
  • This means placing your edge animate content in a Dreamweaver or other html editing file.
  • The site should be responsive, meaning it changes size with different screen sizes.

Student 3: Music Venu Promotional Website

Student 2: Personal Work Website

Student 1: Personal Website

Contact: jim@jimwerner.com