J.P. Werner
                 This site is an overview of the work of James P. Werner, artist and educator.


The selected works exhibited here represent the variety of perspectives James Werner explores on the topic of new media engagements.

"Virtual Lab Game Simulation"
Funded by the National Science Foundation,

This is the summary of a recent National Science Foundation (NSF) grant. It was a collaborative effort between New Media Arts, Engineering and Computer Gaming professors at SPSU. The purpose of the project was to build a simulation of an engineering lab class that could replace the physical lab and improve access to learning. My role was to design the interface, icons and architecture of the game lab in conjunction with student assistants. The goal of my research was to evaluate how virtual interaction and aesthetics could improve or change the learning experience. I am interested in the infiltration of creative learning and art practices into other subjects. We are currently continuing development in aesthetics research for other science, engineering, and humanities arts courses under the same framework. The simulation can be accessed and “played” at this link: Virtual Gaming Lab.

Contact: jim@jimwerner.com